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Cairns Group Press Statement

Cairns Group welcomes Pakistan to its ranks

At the 28th Ministerial Meeting of the Cairns Group in Hong Kong today, the Group welcomed the Islamic Republic of Pakistan as its newest member. Pakistan's membership enhances the already-strong credentials of the Cairns Group in representing a wide range of agricultural trading nations.

Pakistan is an important producer, importer and exporter of agricultural products, and the sector is the main source of employment. Along with other Cairns Group members, Pakistan is committed to creating a fairer world for its farmers by securing fundamental reform of the global trading environment for agriculture.

In his statement to the Group today Pakistan's Minister of Commerce Humayun Akhtar Khan encouraged Cairns Group Ministers " to work together and pool our resources to fight for the rights of our poor farmers and provide for a trading environment which is not tilted in favour of the rich."

Pakistan is a constructive contributor to the Doha Round and a strong supporter of the multilateral rules-based system. It has been a GATT signatory since 1948 and joined the WTO on its establishment in 1995.

14 December, 2005

Last Updated: 24 February 2016

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