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The Cairns Group

Agricultural-Trade Distorting Support Calculator

The Trade Distorting Support for Agriculture Calculator allows WTO Members to quickly and easily forecast limits and spending under the Agreement on Agriculture. It also allows Members to model Overall Trade Distorting Support (OTDS) limits and modifications to current limits under the Agreement on Agriculture.

The Calculator is a useful tool for Cairns Group Members to quickly calculate the impact of the various domestic support reform proposals. The Calculator allows any Member to easily calculate their projected entitlements and spending on domestic support. Members can also model various approaches to new limits on domestic support, including an overall trade distorting limit or cuts of any kind to their WTO Agreement on Agriculture entitlements.

The Calculator can be accessed here. The website features a series of tutorial videos recorded by the Australian Permanent Mission to the WTO. These videos cover what the Calculator can do, its methodology and include step-by-step instructions on how to use each of its main features.


Last Updated: 7 December 2016

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