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El Salvador co-sponsors the Framework For Negotiations on Domestic Support

El Salvador co-sponsors the Framework For Negotiations on Domestic Support

On 1 February 2021, El Salvador joined the existing co-sponsors of the Cairns Group-led Framework for Negotiations on Domestic Support. A revision of the Framework, WTO Document JOB/AG/177/Rev.1, now includes 20 co-sponsors.

The text of the Framework reads:


Communication from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia,
Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand,
Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Thailand,
Ukraine, Uruguay and Viet Nam


The following communication, dated 1 February 2021, is being circulated at the request of the aforementioned Members.


We, the co-sponsors of this document,

Recognizing that Article 20 of the Agreement on Agriculture provides that the long-term objective of substantial progressive reductions in support and protection resulting in fundamental reform is an ongoing process;

Reaffirming our commitment to achieving further progress in all pillars of the agriculture negotiations in order to lay the ground for a fair and market-oriented agricultural trading system;

Agree on the following principles underlying the negotiation of new disciplines on Domestic Support:

  1. The Members shall commit to cap and reduce the sum of current global agricultural trade- and production-distorting domestic support entitlements by at least half by 2030.
  2. To this end, Members shall negotiate an agreement to cap and reduce trade- and production-distorting domestic support entitlements. Such negotiations shall take into consideration all forms of trade- and production-distorting domestic support under Article 6 of the Agreement on Agriculture.
  3. The contributions by individual Members in these reductions will need to be proportionate to the size of those Members' current entitlements and their potential impact on global markets, taking into account the individual development needs of Members, to ensure the global target is reached by 2030.
  4. The implementation of existing notification obligations under Article 18 of the Agreement on Agriculture, thus strengthening transparency with respect to existing domestic support commitments, is imperative, and that utmost effort must be made to provide all outstanding DS:1 notifications.


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